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In a very quiet park, we started a Bible Study Group in 2012. In the beginning we were only four people who regularly attended to it. The goal of this study was to help these young people to understand and distinguish the true and the false teaching from the various messages that are preached in some churches. More the truth became clear to them more important the desire to get closer to God and to grow in faith become. Meanwhile, the goal has changed, it was not just to identified the right from the wrong any more, but rather, as believers to identify themselves as member of the body of Christ and to understand the true meaning of having a personal relationship with God. Guiding people and helping them to live a Godly life through the knowledge of God's word become the greatest part of this Bible study meeting.


The group has increased in active members with people coming from different churches, still young people. We used to meet every Sunday to pray together and to study the word of God. We even used social networks to share our experiences with one another during the week, we share our prayer requests, our testimonies and verses to meditate discuss about. This work has allowed us in 2015 to bring four young adults to repentance, they were baptized and they continue to grow in the knowledge of God's word.

Who are we today?
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