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Being born again in 1991, J.J. has begun his preparation for the ministry in 1993 when God has chosen him to work with the deaf people in his church. He spent 13 years devoted himself entirely to his work for God by assisting them spiritually, morally and socially. To ensure their spiritual maturity, J.J. was in the same time interpreter, teacher and spiritual counselor. He even trained some other leaders in order to strengthen his ministry. He also had on his responsibility a youth group from 16 to 18 years old, his work was to respond to various issues related to spiritual and social conflicts that they face every day, in helping to restore hope in their lives through the teaching of God’s word.


In 2001, wanting to help christian artists, J.J. has founded Promogos Distribution with the purpose of supporting them with their albums. He assured the production, promotion and sale of the albums of the artists he work with across the country. He used his a website he created at that time to promote the work of the artists: Project on which he worked for 4 years, but the political situation of the country and a lack of assistance led him to put an end to this project.


Always aware of all everyday difficulties young people, from different area of his country, are confronting, he founded in 2005 Cercle Efficacité (Efficiency Circle), activity through which he presented motivational conferences, and leads a group meeting. He even had a radio show: "Being Efficient" for two years. His goal was to help young people to become aware of the reality of living without a purpose or a goal, and not to end up in drugs, thieft, banditry and sexual immorality.


To reach the end of his preparation and answer to his call, in 2013 he finally understood that God has called him in the ministry of preaching, mentoring and assisting people. He started doing his biblical studies in order to be ready for his call. He took back his project and made it becomes Promogos Ministries, resulting Promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He created his social network to spiritually assist and support many people from various places. He runs a Bible Study with people from different churches. His mission is to help believers to identify themselves as members of the Body of Christ and to live according the will of God through the knowledge of His word.

​Committed to live a faithful life, his deepest desire is to be a spiritual example of faith, hope and encouragement for others. He is a very quiet and motivating person, when it comes to share the word of God he always gives himself totally to assure that people not only hear the word and leave but to learn, keep and put it into action in their daily live.


His preaching and teaching ministry is based on: “Salvation through Faith by Grace”


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