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Our core values are what make us who we are, what we do and how we do it. They determine how we live our life as believers, by renouncing the tradition of men based on religion to embrace the lifestyle of faith according to the will of God.​

1-: Our message is to preach Jesus Christ our savior.

2-: Believe in everything the Bible says about how we should live our lives without neglecting anything.

3-: Being guided and used by the Holy Spirit is how God fulfills His will through us.

4-: Having a life of prayer and fasting is our way of staying focused on what God expects of us.

5-: Recognize and value the call and the gift of others for the growing of the church.

6-: Reject the tradition of men to live according to the precepts of the word of God.

7-: No one is perfect in the eyes of God, we all have our weaknesses that only God can help us overcome.

8-: We cannot accomplish anything without faith and the help of God.

9-: We all need the spiritual and moral assistance of others.

10-: The church is what allows us to live and grow together in faith and in the knowledge of God.

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