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No church can work properly and grow without volunteers. Every Christian has his calling, his abilities and his specific place in the church, so do you. Today, you can find a place where you feel welcome and comfortable to help in the development of our church. The best way to help is to get involved in one of our ministries or departments, which will make you an active member of the Promogos family.

We are all called to do the work of God on earth, to build his church, to edify His people, which is the body of Christ.

Without you, as a volunteer, Promogos Ministries will be nothing. So, get involved in the activity that suits you best, which will allow us to offer to all of our visitors a better place to worship and to offer a sweet-smelling offering to our Lord .

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How to get involve in a ministry field at Promogos?


1-: Contact the coordinator or the coordinator assistant of the ministry.

2-: Attend at least 3 to 5 meetings that will help you to know them and their method.

3-: Be advised of the mission and purpose of the ministry you want to involving in.

4-: Find the area of this ministry where God has called you to move.

5-: Get in touch with other members of the ministry.


Where you can serve:

Usher and Hospitality Ministry • Media and Communication Ministry • Prayer Ministry • Teaching Ministry • Event Planning • Medical/First Aid Assistance • Children's Ministry • Praise & Worship Ministry • Temple Cleaning & Maintenance • Outreach • Security Ministry • Mentoring & Coaching • Discipleship Ministry

Get Involved, We are waiting for you.
Tell us exactly what you want to do:

Thanks for submitting!

If you prefer having some specific information before you apply, please feel free to contact us:

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