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Called to Host a Group

Without volunteers as you, it will be difficult for us to do the work of God, to accomplish the purpose of our calling and ministry. Get involve now, find the ministry or department you feel comfortable with and be an active member in the Promogos Ministries family.

Called to Share the Gospel

When the time comes for you to share the good news with others, we'd like you to be ready to help unbelievers to clearly understand the true meaning and the purpose of the gospel of Jesus-Christ and invite them to join with a grateful heart the family of God. The method is easy.

Bible Study_Group_7.jpg

Called to Become a Prayer Warrior

We need intercessors who will take on the responsibility of praying for the needs of the church, the pastoral body, the leaders and others who are in needs of prayers and spiritual assistance. Be an intercessor and let the Holy Spirit use you to fulfill the will of God.

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