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New Hope


Our mission is to help Deaf people to know Jesus, to learn about Him, to develop a personal relationship with Him, to grow in faith and to walk in sanctification. God also called them to live and experience His grace, His forgiveness and His salvation in Jesus Christ. Which is why they need Shepherds to guide them and teach them the path of salvation.

At Promogos Ministries we take this responsibility seriously because many of them are out there searching answers for their lives to have a new beginning. We are fully committed to this ministry, as much as God will guide us, so that many may come to the knowledge of the truth, leading them to have the hope of forgiveness and salvation in Jesus Christ.

We have three individuals who help make this ministry possible to work. We provide Sign Language class with technical interpretation training and biblical assistance for those who wants to bring their help and their support to this ministry, to establish more accessible services for Deaf people in a spiritual and social basis.

We are the church of Jesus Christ and each individual has a place in our assembly. This is why we offer them, with our interpreters, the possibility to attend our regular Sunday services and having their own fellowship activities, preparing them for good works.


Our Different Activities:

Interpreted Service • Dance & Worship Ministry • Deaf Bible Study • Social Events

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