In direct connection with Life Groups Connect, the purpose and goal of the Adult Education Ministry is to care for and ensure the growth and spiritual development of church members. Its responsibility is to organize, plan and carry out activities related to the mission of Promogos Ministries, which is to evangelize unbelievers, teach them and prepare them for service. It also has the mission to create different types of meeting that allow all to live together in brotherly love, to fellowship one another, to share precious moments on life and to grow together in faith and in the knowledge of the word of God. That's why we have Life Groups Connect.

The teachings of our various classes are centered on the study of biblical doctrines that allow church members to grow not only in the knowledge of the word but also in faith and perseverance, by deepening with interest the important aspects christian life and having a better discernment.

Our goal is not only to teach them to know the word but also to prepare them to face false doctrines and to be themselves disciples, working for the cause of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

New Believers Class (Two Sessions)

A four-week class for those who received their call and need to be taught the doctrine of salvation, grace and the love of God through Jesus Christ.

New Members Class (Three Sessions)

A two-day class that opens the door to new members who want to join the family of Promogos to connect with us, knowing who we are and our beliefs and our core values.

Doctrinal Classes

Other classes and groups that helps them to have a better understanding of the biblical doctrines are available for those who are already members of the church:

  • Love and Forgiveness of God: Three times a month​ - One Session (First step for new believers)

  • Grace and Salvation: Three times a month​ - One Session (First step for new believers)

  • Faith: Twice a month - Two Sessions

  • Sanctification: Twice a month - Two Sessions

  • Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Once a month - One Session 

  • Power of Prayer: Four times a month - Two Sessions 

  • Fasting: Three times a month​ - Three Sessions 

  • Discipleship: Three times a month​ - Three Sessions

If you need more information regarding Life Groups Connect or want to attend to a class, you contact the Adult Education's Director directly by email ( or click on the Button below to register.

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