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Voice of Faith is a series of conferences presented by men of faith, having the revelation knowledge of the word and the anointing of the Holy Spirit to teach and convince God's people to turn away from the easy path of the world to turn completely to God in obedience, in humility, in prayer and in faith. This series of conferences will be focused on the biblical truths of the lives of those who, for years, have walked with God, experienced His continual presence, and yet, at specific times, have fallen into the traps of the enemy who brought them to disobey, to rebel, to flee even to question God Himself; but who, however, have been chosen, elected and prepared by God to carry His plan into execution.

It will also be for us an opportunity to motivate our brothers and sisters to remain faithful to their calling whatever circumstances that may come their way, believing that God will always be with them (Judges 6:11-13).

We believe that this series of conferences will be like a booster and also a spiritual challenge for those who will attend to, because each conference will be in itself a source of motivation and power for all who really want to know God and live in perfect harmony with Him through His word in the midst of this perverse and corrupt generation.


Mission: To teach and encourage believers to trust God in their daily lives and to live by faith in their walk with Him, focusing on experiences of those who have already walked with God through the Bible.

Goal: To convince believers to have a Christian life centered on their personal relationship with God, on the importance of devoting time to the study of His word and on their desire and their willingness to come closer to Him.

Vision: To see the evangelical churches free themselves from the usual routine of living their spirituality and their faith according to the expectations of their religious leaders to enter the dimension and reality of God, being inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit to become men and women of faith having the anointing to fulfill the will of God.

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We would love to see you at our next conference.

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