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Many are those who claim to be Christians but who live it only when they are in church on Sunday, among their brothers and sisters in Christ. Some people feel embarrassed to declare it openly around because they are afraid of being rejected. For others, it is not a necessity to show it to the world because they are not sure or prepared to defend their belief and their faith. But truth is that they don’t take their salvation in Jesus Christ seriously as it is for God and they have never understood the true meaning of the commend found in Matthew 28:19-20. Our job is to help them understand what salvation by grace is and the importance of the great commission that Jesus Christ has entrusted to us, which will help them to get out of their comfort zone and go beyond walls and to testify their faith in Jesus Christ to the whole world. This is how we come with this conference STAND UP FOR JESUS.

The purpose of this conference is to encourage believers to wake up and share the message of salvation with zeal and insistence with those around them, while being a spiritual model for those who have not yet received Jesus Christ as their savior. This will help every believer to take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way to talk about their faith and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with at least one person each day.

StandUp For Jesus Conference

Our teaching of the full word of God is to help for the maturing and the growing process of God’s people:


First of all, it will be a three days of grace, love and faith teaching conference, ministering for MOTIVATION to DECISION and ACTION. It will help all the attendees to know more about God’s love and grace through the sacrificial death of Jesus-Christ, that break the dividing wall between Him and us. It will teach not only to receive this grace with a grateful heart but also to go outside of the church and share the gospel of Christ and the undeserved grace of God with those living in the darkness of the world, who really need to know about their eternal salvation through Jesus, the forgiveness of sins, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and their relationship with God.


Our goal is to help them to learn how to live by faith, according to the will of God: RECEIVE Jesus-Christ as Lord and Savior, SHARE the Gospel with others and HEAL the sick through the POWER and the ANOINTING of the Holy Spirit, as Jesus has commanded us and gave us the authority.


Second, the Holy Spirit has given us greater insight about ministering to others, speaking the word, praying in tongues, healing the sick, and the very important opportunity of receiving God’s anointing for the maturing and the growing process of the Body of Christ. Now it is time for every believer to know that it is important for them to leave their so-called COMFORT ZONE, to join their voice and their faith together, to move on and to demonstrate the purpose of their call to the present world: Promote the Gospel of Jesus-Christ through the power of the Holy Ghost.

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