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Life Groups Connect is a connection between believers of our church, gathering together consistently on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis at the church building or other places, as designated by the leaders of the connection groups. The purpose of theis connection is about having to know each others, sharing our faith, hobbies and activities. We have: fellowship, bible study, prayer, meals, social adventures, serving each other, assisting and supporting each other when a need arises, etc.


We already know, by experience, it is sometimes very difficult for a believer to have deep relationships with others by merely attending a church service, so that’s where Life Groups Connect comes in. It offers you the opportunity to know and be known and also to make new friends while strengthening existing relationships. You were never meant to do life alone. Life Groups Connect provides opportunities to connect to others so that you can encourage others and also bearing one another's burdens through prayer, and spend time learning together and praying for one another.

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Our primary goal is to create a community in a time we all need it the most and to edify believers by helping them grow in love and faith by encouraging them to reach their full potential in God, knowing each other and sharing their everyday life experiences together to become more like Jesus. The second is to deeply study the word of God in order for them to have a better understanding of the true nature and the will of God for His children. Being part of  a group or a class will help us to learn what it means to follow Jesus and live out His teaching. Many people who claim to be Christian don’t even know the truth about their salvation, the grace of God, walking in sanctification and the power of living by faith. We try to be the voice crying to those who hear the message and struggle hardly to get to it, to those who go the wrong way because of their lack of knowledge and their spiritual weakness in getting together with them.

We have two ways to connect:

Connection Groups and Connection Classes

For more information about getting involved in a Connection Group or Connection Class, contact the Life Groups Connect Coordinator or the church office at

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