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Since Children Ministry is about developing the faith of children in the knowledge of Jesus, at Promogos Ministries, we prioritize their spiritual life and we consider them as part of the body of Christ, as it says in the Bible, "They are a gift from God." We provide various activities that can help them being convinced, in their own way, of their personal relationship with Jesus Christ in their daily walk with Him.

We strive to have a team of leaders trained and prepared specifically for children's ministry. A team that can create a spiritual atmosphere while teaching children through games, songs, verse contests and more. Our learning methods vary according to age groups:

Child's Care: 1 to 2 years
Group A: 3 to 6 years (Educational + Bible Activities)
Group B: 7 to 10 years (Worship + Educational + Bible Activities)
Group C: 11 to 14 years (Church + Bible Study + Fellowship Activities)




Our mission is to nurture children with the word of God, helping them to grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, in love for their parents and for others so that they may be witnesses of Jesus Christ from their earliest childhood.


As our mission is to nurture them, our vision is the way we establish to help them grow in this new adventure. Our different activities is based on:

  • Education on the love and the grace of God.

  • Teaching them the value of the sacrificial death of Jesus-Christ that bring salvation.

  • Helping them develop a lovely relationship with their environment.

  • Teaching them the word of God through games, sermons and bible study.

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