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The Communication and Media Department offers various services for the proper functioning of activities of the church related to its purpose. It provides the necessary equipment, communication tools and technology, and also a motivated and adequate staff to bring effective results to the various services of the church.


We have several sections in this department where you can help according to the talents and gifts that God has given you.

The Audio / Video Section team deals with the sound in all its aspects and the shooting of the videos during the services. We have audio or sound engineer, camera operator which can be man or woman.

The Social Media / Graphic Design Section team is responsible for capturing images for church activities and special events. They work on the design of the website, social media pages and the monthly magazine presenting all church activities and events during the current month.

The Screen Display Section team is responsible for displaying the lyrics of the worship songs that the church can follow and scriptures read by the pastor during the sermons. They learn to become familiar with the software used for this purpose.

The Promogos Radio team deals with the programming of the shows. They select music, choose speakers who will intervene in different shows and ensure the live broadcasting of the sermons of the Sunday and Wednesday services, including conferences.

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