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It is always difficult to be optimistic or to continue to hope for a bright future when we face the loss of a loved one: a spouse, a parent, a child, even a close friend. It is such a confusing time in our lives that we feel no one can understand the deep pain we are feeling, we have many questions about what is to come. Sometimes we even question God about the why and the how of this loss.


At GriefCare Ministry, we know this is a time when those going through difficult times need warm arms to hold them, supportive hearts, and words of comfort. We meet once a week to listen to you and help you move forward in keeping balance and rebuilding your life. We have different methods of approach according to the needs and the situation of each one: Support and discussion group. Appropriate psychological assistance Personal study of the grief process.


Who can attend our sessions:


GriefCare Ministry is first and foremost for those who mourn the death of a loved one: Family member or friend. We also turn to those who suffer other losses such as divorce, loss of a house or a job, the estrangement of a child, etc. We know that these losses cause both bitterness and grief, but we treat them separately and differently. We encourage those who face it to speak directly to the pastor, a spiritual advisor or a church leader to find the help necessary for their specific situation.

If you are experiencing the loss of a loved one and are going through grief times, you are welcome to attend our support group or personal assistance. You will find people who understand your situation and who will encourage you to face this challenge before you.

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