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As believers, some people live their lives without really thinking about the consequences of their bad deeds or the words that come out of their mouth, either because they do not know what the Bible says about what they do and what they say, whether they choose deliberately to ignore them. Others, on the other hand, are asking questions of all kinds about what God says or wants of us as Christians. Their lack of discernment and knowledge of the word of God prevent them from living a life according to God's will by following His precepts and His requirements in the Bible. They live according to what they hear or what they see without knowing if it is good or bad, as soon as the society in which they live approves it as good.


That's where we come with Mentoring and Coaching Ministry to help them having a better understanding of their walk with God, to answer their questions, to assist them by using the Bible as the foundation of Christian life and our life experiences as believers and leaders. Our goal is not only to guide them, but also to convince them, correct them and instruct them according to the word, in the justice of God, so that they may apply the truth of the word to their lives, practice righteousness like Christ did, that they will be able to discern the will of God and know how to serve Him and be true examples in the midst of this perverse and corrupt generation. To do so, a team of coaches are always available to answer questions they may have, which will help them to grow in faith and to stay continually on the right path, that of Jesus Christ.

Mentoring & Coaching Ministry

Whether you are a longtime Christian or a new believer, it doesn't matter to us, our concern is to help you to fully live your personal relationship with God. Our team is available and willing to accompany you, guide you through your experiences and your spiritual journey. They will answer with wisdom and clarity any questions you may have according to biblical doctrine.

If you want to know more regarding how to get a spiritual mentor/coach please contact us.

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