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Our Outreach ministry aims to reach beyond our walls to share the love of Christ in the way we connect, fellowship and serve our community. All this, in order to reach as many hearts as possible and bring souls to Christ. What we do and how we do it responds to the command of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to make disciples of all nations. We cover different aspects of this ministry to achieve this goal:



In coordination with our ministry of evangelism and under the supervision of the pastoral leadership, every year, Promogos Ministries organizes a missionary trip to our home country, Haiti, to preach the gospel of salvation, grace and the love of God, taking into account that our people, faced with their chaotic situation, is perishing because of lack of knowledge of the word of God. We also provide help in medical assistance, clothing distribution and church leaders training.


Many parents often struggle to meet the requirements of the class opening, Promogos Ministries is involved to help them meet some of these requirements by distributing school materials every year like bags, notebooks, pens and pencils, shoes etc.

We also participate in school fees for some parents according to their situations or difficulties encountered.


When someone from the church or a member of his family, even if this relative is not a believer, is admitted to the hospital we have a team that visits him for the duration of his hospitalization by supporting him or her in prayer and other means if necessary.


As a church, member of a community, we do not focus only on ourselves, but we are open to other churches to fraternize with them and bring ourselves together to carry the gospel of Jesus Christ to all those who have not yet made this decision. It is an opportunity for us to demonstrate the love of Christ in us.


In order to facilitate the transportation of those who do not have a car to go to the church, either for Sunday services or for other activities, Promogos Ministries puts at their disposal a bus that can help them, as well as will not they have to worry.

In case of emergency, our bus also offers personalized services, just contact the person in charge of the transport service for this purpose.

If you need more information concerning the outreach ministry please contact us:

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