The Bible is filled with scriptures about how to live a healthy life involving God. It also outlines how the enemy always attempts to snatch victory from Christians. Rehab and recovery counseling from any kind of addiction is essential to help Christians begin mending their relationship with God.


1 Corinthians 4:6 in the Life Recovery Bible states, “For God who said, ‘Let there be light in the darkness,’ has made this light shine in our hearts so we could know the glory of God that is seen in the face of Jesus Christ.” Even the littlest amount of light dispels darkness. Addiction likes to be surrounded by darkness, so Christians turn away from God when they are actively using drugs, alcohol, and many more. They need to know that Jesus does not turn his back on them; He is simply waiting for them to return to Him.

God has put professional Christian counselors in place to help believers overcome the bondage of addiction whatever it is. We, as Christians, may need extra assistance and guidance to return to our intimate relationship with God. That’s why Pathway Recovery Ministry as a Faith-Based Rehab and Recovery offers spiritual support and biblical guidance throughout the addiction treatment process.



Spirituality can play an important role in the recovery journeys of many substance-dependent Christians. Many feel that some of the most important personal health care issues are inadequately addressed by modern medicine. Indeed, the emotional turmoil produced by both illness and the struggle to become well is sometimes overlooked by secular practitioners. So, for Christians with substance abuse issues, emotions can run extremely high when it comes to issues of family, job and health. In recognizing and working with these issues, a Christian substance rehab might be just the setting to help you towards recovery. The emphasis on interpersonal connectedness and compassion associated with Christianity and religious belief can help the addict connect with others instead of feeling alone. A Christian recovery rehab is a wonderful choice for individuals in need of drug rehab and looking for a Christian foundation in which to recover placing the focus on Jesus Christ as the "higher power," when a traditional recovery rehab allows the person to choose whoever or whatever they would like their "higher power". As a psychological construct, a personal relationship with God or with Jesus Christ underscores quality of life issues such as acceptance, a renewed sense of purpose arising from addiction, and a sense of well-being. 


A Christian substance abuse counselor is aware of the range of emotions and internalized feelings the Christian patient might be experiencing – feelings of an inability to resist temptation, purposelessness, loss of support, and a moral quandary over using and can provide exercises to return you to a better path. Moreover, your recovery chances can be strengthened when surrounded by others on a similar path as you are. The very nature of spiritual direction and counseling, church service attendance, community prayer, personal meditation, fellowship and bible study, require and enable openness to serenity, new experience, and self-discipline.


There are areas that all Christians struggle with which substance abuse can make more confusing. Christian counseling in drug rehab incorporates your faith in God with learning how to eliminate substance abuse behaviors and thoughts.


Addiction plagues the Christian person’s life and has 3 specific negative effects:

  1. Christians replace God with their substance of choice, like an idol.

  2. Addiction causes the Christian to feel temporarily like he or she is in control, replacing God’s control.

  3. A Christian addict’s fear-based behavior replaces faith-based behavior.


It is not as easy to find a Christian recovery rehab that can meet your personal needs as one might think. Our professional staff will provide you a confidential assessment recovery and treatments for free consultation which will help us to determine the proper way to introduce you to the program that would be good for you, Best of all, our recovery ministry is part of our church regular activities, located at Naples FL. You can call us any time day or night at for immediate help (239) 465-6505 or (239)692-1563. Our staff is standing by 24/7 to take your confidential call.




Upon discharge from the Christian rehab recovery, a continued plan of recovery must be designed. our recovery plan address this


  • The need for ongoing Christian-oriented therapy.

  • A healthy living environment.

  • Church attendance.

  • A Christian mentor

  • 12 step Promogos rehab group

  • A family therapist.


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