Women's Ministry offers you the opportunity to spend pleasant times in studying the word of God, in prayer seeking God's face and developing brotherly relationships with other women like you. This will help you share your fears, tears and also moments of joy with peace of mind, which will allow you to grow in faith, perseverance and a spiritual atmosphere with those around you.

A new friend will always be a comfort, an encouragement, a support in the most difficult moments of your life, if this friend is a believer sharing the same faith, her presence will be more than all of that because God will be able to use her voice, her attitude to speak to you when you need it most.


  • Bible Study (Once a week).

  • Fellowship Moments (Get together to experience various activities).

  • Elevation (A Women's Conference).

  • Living By Grace Experience

Not only can you share your pleasant moments, but you can just as well enjoy participating in other activities, by becoming a volunteer, according to your gift, your talents and abilities to accomplish great things for the building and the edification of the church. We have so many area to serve.


When: Monday

Place: Promogos Worship Center

Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

If you need more information please contact us: womenministry@promogosministries.org


Strengthen your faith by becoming an active member of this ministry.

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